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A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...

A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...



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About Us

Idin Jewellery was started up as a small family-owned and managed business back in 2010. Located in the beautiful seatown of Largs on the Scottish West Coast - ignoring the 155 days of rain per year - our jewellery reflects the breathtaking scenery. What started as a small hobby project soon took off and the business grew ever since. From a modest range of clip-on earrings, children jewellery and accessories and some fashionable jewellery for the grown-ups too, the choice offered to you grew to a much wider range.

In order you don't find yourself lost in a multitude of sub-categories, we decided to bring our huge range of clip-on earrings to you on a dedicated website. And so was born. A site with a fun look and the option to look for clip-on earrings in various popular categories or sort them by colour. Of course you are also in great hands as we work hard to provide you with an ever increasing choice of clipon earrings at good prices while still maintaining high quality of customer service.

And in case you look for some jewellery for yourself or your husband too, please visit our parent site Idin Jewellery for your choice of fashion jewellery.

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