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Gold Children Stud Earrings

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Gold! The most popular jewellery metal and it's no wonder why: It looks great, it is valuable and it is of durable quality. What is not to like with such beautiful jewellery?


Gold has been used for jewellery and trade for thousands of years and remains its popularity to the present day; and for a long time to come. The metal doesn't just look good, it is also very durable and not many chemicals can attack it and take its shine away. However, gold is a soft metal and therefore is normally alloyed with other metals to change its appearance (for example white gold) and increase its hardness and make it more suitable for jewellery use. Unlike fashion jewellery, pieces made from gold will retain some of its value as it is a precious metal which is highly sought after. So even if your jewellery is damaged and can no longer be worn, you can always get some money back from it nevertheless.

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