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A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...

A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...



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Metal-free Clip On Earrings

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Sensitive to Metal? Don't worry, we also have a petite selection of metal-free clip on earrings. Although our normal clip on earrings are basically nickel-free, those metal-free clip ons are perfect for anyone who wants to play it safe or just doesn't want to be exposed to metal.

And when we say metal-free, we mean that no parts of the earrings are made from metal. That's right, even the clips are made from (nearly) invisible plastic clips. The perfect earrings for sensitive persons!

And of course, no pierced ears are needed :)

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Invisible Clips

Discover the magic of our Clip-on Earrings with invisible clips – the secret to effortless elegance without sacrificing comfort. Designed for a seamless and discreet look, these innovative earrings feature specially crafted invisible clasps that delicately secure them in place, leaving you with nothing but a flawless finish.

With our Invisible Clips, you can enjoy the beauty of clip-on earrings without the telltale signs. The absence of visible clips allows for a sleek and sophisticated appearance, ensuring all eyes are on you and not on your earrings' mechanism. Experience the freedom to wear stunning earrings without the pinch or pressure, as our invisible clips offer a secure hold without compromising on style.

Indulge in the allure of Invisible Clip-on Earrings – where fashion meets functionality, and comfort takes center stage. Elevate your accessory game with these discreet wonders that redefine the art of clip-on elegance.

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