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A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...

A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...



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Want to send something back?

Sometimes, the item bought is not quite what you expected, you simply changed your mind or the post delivered too late. No matter what, you have the right to return any items to us in an unused and as-new condition within 30-days. (EXCEPTION: Any kind of jewellery that requires a piercing to be worn!). Please inform us of your wish to return an item to us before you ship it back. We want you to enjoy life and sometimes it turns out that a return is not needed, like in the case of receiving a defective product. If you received a damaged item, please let us know and we are often able to either provide you with a replacement free of charge. Idin Jewellery will decide whether a defective item should be returned or not.

If you send an item back to us, please pack it securely and we recommend to use the same packaging your order was shipped out; that way we take responsibility if the post damages the shipment. We strongly recommend you ask for proof of posting from the post office as this allows us to process your refund in the event of the post losing the package.

Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping costs, except (a) Idin Jewellery informed you in writing (e-mail) that we will cover the return shipping costs for you, or (b) the return is necessary due to a mistake on our behalf (e.g. wrong item shipped, item arrived broken, etc.).

The refund will be issued upon receipt of the return item(s) and inspection thereof. Idin Jewellery reserves the right to deduct a reasonable amount shoud the return item(s) be in a different condition than they were sent out, or to withhold a refund completely if the item(s) come back to us broken due to poor packaging or damages caused due to no reasonable care taken. We will inform you by e-mail about the status of your refund.

Important Information: Unfortunately, we can NOT accept any returns of products, which require a piercing to be worn, which includes but is not limited to stud earrings, drop earrings, flesh tunnels, etc. This is due to hygienic and LEGAL reasons. The exception is if you refuse the delivery and the post is sending your order unopened straight back to us. Thank you for your understanding.

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