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Sterling Silver Kids Earrings

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Silver is a very popular metal in the jewellery industry. And it's not hard to see why: It's high luster makes it shiny and very desirable; it is a precious metal; it is a relatively affordable metal; the list goes on...

So if you are looking for something better without breaking the bank, Sterling Silver earrings make for a great and affordable gift. Not just for children, but teens and adults can wear our Sterling Silver Earrings too!

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What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is a silver alloy, that contains a minimum of 92.5% silver and the rest being made up of other metals (but there is no defintion of what those other metals should be). Alloying silver gives it more strength and thus makes your jewellery more durable. It also helps to slow down silver tarnish. Sterling Silver Jewellery is very popular and affordable and makes for a good gift idea.

Silver Tarnish

When silver is exposed to air (or to be more precise to sulphur that is present in the air) it will tarnish. This is not a product defect and is normal. Therefore, silver jewellery is sometimes plated with rhodium or coated with an anti-tarnish product. Should your silver gets tarnished, there is no reason to worry as your jewellery can easily be restored to its former beauty as there are some very good products on the market to remove silver tarnish, and also to prevent it in the first place. Please see our range of Jewellery Care Products on our sister site JAREEYA.

All of our Sterling Silver Jewellery is now shipped in an anti-tarnish bag which protects your silver jewellery for up to 3 years from tarnish.

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