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A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...

A Treasure Box filled with Clip on Earrings...



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Fruity Clip On Earrings

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Korb mit Erdbeeren

Fruits (the real ones) often exhibit attractive colours — after all they cry out for attention to be eaten. Naturally, they also make for great designs for Clip On Earrings. Check it out Yourself! Clip On Earrings in vibrant colours and with a wide selection of "Fruits" to choose from, we are sure You find the perfect pair for Your Daughter.

Please note these are earrings and not real fruits and thus not suitable for consumption :)

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Fun Facts

The more critical oberserver will have noticed that we have carrots and mushrooms in this section too, which are technically not fruits. Carrots fall into the vegetable category and mushrooms are not even plants – they are members of the funghi kingdom :)

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