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Tagua Clipon Earrings

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Great trendy looks while at the same time having the environment and nature in mind are not too opposing criteria when it comes to our Tagua Clipon Earrings. They look very fashionable and are an environmentally friendly product. And just as with all clipon earrings, you don't even have the need for pierced ears in order to worse those great earrings: Simply clip them on the ear, they are quick to put on and are just as easy to put off again.

Tagua is also referred to as "vegetable ivory" due to its incredible hardness and similar looks to real ivory – yet it doesn't have any environmental problems associated with it. A great alternative to plastic and of course real ivory and you should seriously consider this alternative for your next pairs of earrings!

More about Tagua

Tagua is the fruit of the tagua palm tree, a tree that is native in South America. Because of the similarity to real ivory &ndash tagua is both hard and shows similar lines to that found in real ivory – it is also known as "vegetable ivory" but comes 100% from a plant without any negative impact on the environment.

Because only the fruits are collected, the cutting down of trees is not needed; on the contrary, the indigenious population is often caring for the trees as they provide an ethical and drug-free source of revenue for them.

Do you want more?

Should you be interested in gorgeous jewellery made from the wonder-material tagua, we suggest you have a look at our parent side Idin Jewellery where you can find more tagua jewellery. In particular, you can browse our following ranges:

We hope you find our range of tagua jewellery as interesting as we are enthusiastic about it and we are happy to be able to offer you an environmentally friendly alternative to the more traditional materials used in the fashion jewellery industry.

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